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Fostering an Excellent TV and Film Culture

Quality TV or film projects are typically labor-intensive and costly. Our long-term patronage of Taiwanese film and TV productions takes such forms as cash sponsorships, special fare tickets, transportation service discounts and sponsorships of music or film award ceremonies. By encouraging creative works of substance and depth, we hope to make a positive impact on the Taiwanese society.

The 52nd Golden Horse Awards

We attach great importance to Taiwan’s film industry, and have sponsored the Golden Horse Awards for 10 consecutive years, to encourage filmmakers to continue their craft and to boost Taiwan’s cinematic culture.

The 50th Radio Broadcast Golden Bell Awards

To encourage quality radio and TV productions and services, we sponsored the 2015 Radio Broadcast Golden Bell Awards organized by China Television Company.

The 26th Golden Melody Awards

We sponsored the 2015 Golden Melody Awards organized by Taiwan Television Enterprise, to encourage musical creations.

TV Program “Explore Science and the Universe”

Taiwan Television Enterprise’s universe-themed production was shot partially at NASA and its aerospace facilities to make the contents more substantial. We sponsored the production with free airline tickets.

TV News Magazine“Disappearing Boundaries”

We support TV news magazines that cover topics that are informative or have a positive social influence. In 2015, we sponsored Sanlih E-Television’s trip to shoot in Houston for the program “Disappearing Boundaries”.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments regarding our Intellectual Property Statement.