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Music, Arts and Cultural Patronage

Every year, internationally acclaimed musicians and performance groups are invited to perform in Taiwan. EVA Air offers our support with special fare tickets and extra baggage allowance, to help the organizers cut costs and provide incentives for high-caliber artistes to stage performances on the island.


In 2015, we sponsored the National Theater & Concert Hall and invited Japan’s HoriPro Inc. to perform “Hamlet” in Taiwan. Hamlet is one of the four great Shakespearean tragedies that delve into the dialectical relationship between philosophy and ethics; it exerts greater international influence than any other English classic drama.

New Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

In 2015, we sponsored “New Snow White & Seven Dwarfs,” a musical for kids, to broaden Taiwanese children’s artistic and cultural horizons.

Notre Dame de Paris

Based on a romantic novel by French novelist Victor Hugo, the musical “Notre Dame de Paris” has proved popular since we sponsored its Taiwanese debut in 2005. Following several such sponsorships over the past decade, we once again brought in this best-selling French-language production in 2015 for the Taiwanese audience to broaden its global perspective.

Beauty and the Beast

In 2015, we sponsored “Beauty and the Beast”, a musical presented by the United Daily News, and once again opened the Taiwanese audience’s eyes to an internationally acclaimed production.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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