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Industry Liaison Program with National Cheng Kung University

EVA Air possesses an excellent corporate culture and abundant teaching resources. In 2013, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) unveiled the Certificate Program in Aviation Engineering in a corporate-academic partnership with EVA Air, to help advance the education of aviation professionals and nurture great aviation engineering talents. 2015 marked the third year of the Certificate Program, with 162 hours of lectures given by senior EVA Air flight operations, aviation safety and aircraft maintenance personnel at the University. Summer and winter internships totaling 450 hours were also offered at the Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) and EVA Air’s Flight Operations Division. The 612-hour program of 2015 involved a 13-member faculty.

Besides offering high-dollar annual scholarships for well-performing students, we also give those who have completed the “Certificate Program in Aviation Engineering” priority over all other candidates in hiring. So far, three graduates (two from 2014 cohort and one from 2016 cohort) have been recruited by EVA Air and EGAT, and 1 current graduate student is involved in our longterm “Boeing 777 Training Cockpit Simulator Construction Project”. To assist EVA Air in the implementation of fuel conservation, a research team led by Dr. Yuan Hsiao-Feng from NCKU’s Institute of Civil Aviation has signed a “Joint- Development Agreement on the Usage of Flight Data Recorder (FDR)” with the Company. These corporate-academic partnerships have proven to be successful in driving the growth of EVA Air and the academic institutions alike.

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