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Committed to giving back to the country and local communities, EVA Air surrounds its office buildings with lush greenery and engages in community activities to blend into the local community and reinforce neighborhood relations. In a bid to raise Taiwan’s global profile as a beautiful, effervescent island, EVA Air joins local tourism authorities in attending international arts and cultural events, where Taiwan-grown produce and floriculture products are presented to promote locally themed tourism.

Neighborhood Relations

We have been including the improvement of freeway side slopes in our annual budget since 2013. The year-round blossoming of flowers beautifies the surrounding environment and provides road users with excellent views.

Marketing Chishang Rice Worldwide with Strategic Inclusion in Inflight Menu

As a socially responsible enterprise that cares for the community, EVA Air features the excellent Taiwan rice variety on our flights around the world. Each immaculate, plump grain epitomizes both the bounty of Taiwan ...

Boosting Local Tourism

Boosting Taiwan’s Presence in International Orchid Shows , Promoting Taiwan as a Tourist Destination , Taipei Mini Tours , The Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest Arts Festival , The Full Recovery of Chishang’s “Tea Service Tree” , The Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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