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Boosting Taiwan’s Presence in International Orchid Shows

Taiwan is a thriving floriculture hub with superior orchid species. Eyeing the global market, the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association (TOGA) attends international shows every year and benefits from the free flights and transportation services offered by EVA Air. We help to reduce the costs shouldered by TOGA and ensure that the transported flowers stay fresh and stunning for the shows. The sponsorship is part of our attempt to open up the international market for Taiwan’s floriculture industry.

Promoting Taiwan as a Tourist Destination

EVA Air has been promoting the Taiwanese tourism industry in a long-time partnership with the local tourism authorities. In 2015, for instance, we held a travel fair in Singapore together with New Taipei City’s Tourism and Travel Department, and launched a promotional campaign to encourage Singaporeans and Malaysians to visit Taiwan.

Taipei Mini Tours

In 2015, Taipei City’s Department of Information and Tourism announced its plans to roll out Taipei Mini Tours in Shanghai. EVA Air specially sponsored a promotional event in Shanghai and invited Chinese journalists to Taiwan to experience the tours for themselves. Besides promoting Taiwan as a tourist destination, this media strategy also drummed up Mainlanders’ interest in our airline brand.

The Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest Arts Festival

Sparing no effort to expand the boundaries of folk art and culture, we sponsored the annual Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest Arts Festival in 2014 and 2015 with the hope of propelling the breathtaking Chishang landscape onto the international stage. The event included a benefit concert that was set against the backdrop of Chishang’s paddies and featured renowned performance groups and artistes. The promotional campaign was the combined effort of Chishang Township, Taitung County Government and members of the public. 100% of the proceeds go towards philanthropic causes.

The Full Recovery of Chishang’s “Tea Service Tree”

As part of our ongoing endeavor to ensure the maintenance of Taiwan’s iconic tourist attractions, after curing the “Tea Service Tree” in 2014, we invited a Japanese specialist to Taiwan in 2015 for a follow-up visit. We sponsored a tree pit cover to protect the tree roots, and the setup of artworks to build a warm sanctuary for the tree. Today, we announce the full recovery of the “Tea Service Tree”.

The Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival

To better harness Taiwan’s regional tourism assets in the global travel market, we started sponsoring the Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2014, inviting pilots from all over the world to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Taitung County’s breathtaking mountains, valleys, farmlands and lakes.

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