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Marketing Chishang Rice Worldwide with Strategic Inclusion in Inflight Menu

As a socially responsible enterprise that cares for the community, EVA Air features the excellent Taiwan rice variety on our flights around the world. Each immaculate, plump grain epitomizes both the bounty of Taiwan and Chishang farmers’ wholehearted dedication.
Chishang’s award-winning “premium rice” is specially selected to share the great taste of Taiwan rice with our international passengers and etch it in the gastronomic memories of these globetrotters.

Chishang Rice is introduced to our international passengers through feature articles in our inflight magazine.

The award-winning rice is featured in our inflight meals

A page in our inflight menu is dedicated to the introduction of Chishang Rice to build brand awareness.

A Paddy-dotted, Otherworldly Landscape

Under extensive swaths of azure sky, the utility pole-free Chishang countryside is snugly encircled by verdant, cloud-capped hills. As the breezes dispel the mountain mist, egrets fly away and the rice seedlings sway gently with nonstop rustling.

Featured in EVA Air’s 2013 “I See You” global advertising campaign, this picturesque realm has gained international fame. Countless visitors seeking an ethereal getaway have been attracted to Chishang Township to wander along its restful country roads; a complimentary pot of tea sits waiting under the Tea Service Tree to warm the hearts of visitors. U-Theatre and Cloud Gate Theater set their performances on the stage of Chishang’s paddy fields and against the backdrop of mountains, showcasing the paddies’ rhythmic waves and the life force of the earth, evoking the purest stirring of the heart. This state of being one with the universe can only be attained in the unspoiled, slow-paced town of Chishang. It is not only food for inspiration, but also nourishment for the body, mind and soul of travelers from around the world. Chishang Township lies in the East Rift Valley’s middle section and is reputed as Taiwan’s most gorgeous and cleanest agricultural region. Aside from the pastoral scenery, it boasts a rice variety with a perennial national championship status, and a professional certification system that impressed delegates from the European Commission’s Directorate General for Trade (DG TRADE). Let the world witness the bounty of Taiwan and Chishang farmers’ wholehearted dedication through each immaculate, plump grain of Chishang Rice.

Chishang Rice: Pristine Grains from a Pristine Paradise

Chishang Township is perched atop the East Rift Valley. Featuring fine-textured, organic matter-rich saprolitic soil washed down and deposited from the Coastal and Central Mountain Ranges, the abundant land is great for growing crops. A crystal-clear, mineral-impregnated creek originating in the over 3,000-meter-high Central Mountain Range and flowing through multiple hot spring spots irrigates the land and nurtures the crops. An average topography relief of 300 meters and the drastic temperature changes between day and night form growing conditions much like those in Japan. A long growing period and unpolluted, crisp air further support the breeding of the delightfully plump, fragrant, chewy and pure Chishang Rice. It is no wonder that the rice secured the 1st place in its 1971 debut at the competition held by Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station!

The amiable Chishang farmers display genuine respect for, and stewardship of, the abundant motherland that has generously fed their families over the years. Besides enhancing the rice quality through constant learning and with the help of state-of-the-arts technologies, the time-consuming, labor-intensive sustainable techniques are adopted to nurture the growth of rice crops without disturbing their dynamics with insects in the food chain, for a harmonious coexistence with nature.

The farmers rise before dawn daily to meticulously remove weeds and apply fertilizers. Nighttime patrols are conducted under the moonlight to keep any artificial illumination from intervening in the ecosystem. This is why the Chishang paddies form the only region in Taiwan where utility poles and streetlights are absent.

The fecund, carefully tended Chishang paddy fields yield a premium, organic rice variety that, albeit accounting for only 1% of Taiwan’s total rice production, is a many-times national championship rice treasured by all. It is also worth noting that Chishang rolled out Taiwan’s first certification of origin. The certification label is available in limited quantity per batch and is awarded only to Chishang-grown rice that meets stringent safety, palatability and quality standards. The certification system underscores Chishang Rice’s superior quality as it ensures the traceability in every step of the production process from seed selection to sales.

Propelling the premium Chishang Rice onto the International Stage

The scenic beauty of Chishang was propelled onto the international stage following our 2013 “I See You” global advertising campaign. The premium Chishang Rice, perennial national champion rice with a palatability rating of 83, was introduced in our inflight menu in 2015, to allow travelers from around the world to have a taste of the fragrant, chewy, pure and sweet rice. The “en Voyage” column of our inflight magazine features articles that illustrate how the Chishang farmers working in harmonious co-existence with Mother Nature, rolled out the excellent certification program and established the Taiwanese premium rice brand. As passengers enjoy the great taste of Chishang Rice, they also gain insights into Taiwanese farmers’ commitment towards environmental stewardship and quality produce.

We are eager to present our passengers with an array of global cuisine, particularly Taiwanese representative dishes. Since the autumn of 2015, we have served the award-winning Chishang Rice in Business Class rice dishes on most routes and have also dedicated a page of our menu to the introduction of the rice. Passengers from around the world can now enjoy the exquisite taste of the premium produce from Taiwan’s most beautiful fields, and bring Chishang Rice international fame.

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