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Neighborhood Relations

Improving Freeway Side Slopes (Lot No. 504)

Side Slopes (Lot No. 504) We have been including the improvement of freeway side slopes in our annual budget since 2013. The year-round blossoming of flowers beautifies the surrounding environment and provides road users with excellent views.

Moon Festival Party for Zhuyuan Villagers

To strengthen neighbor relations, we sponsored a prize-packed raffle for the Moon Festival party organized for the residents of Zhuyuan Village, Taipei City.

The“Go Further Taipei”New Year Countdown Celebration

Major cities and counties in Taiwan hold New Year countdown celebrations every year without fail and invite the participation of enterprises. EVA Air has been one of the corporate sponsors for many years, including its 2015 sponsorship of the “Go Further Taipei” extravaganza that ushered in Year 2016.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments regarding our Intellectual Property Statement.