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Charity Activity

Upholding the spirit of “Whatever you take from society, give back to society” EVA Air has actively participated in charitable activities over a long period of time. Through diverse channels and professional charity services, the Company is able to help ...

Education Initiatives

As a member of the airline industry, we have long been involved in academia-industry collaborations with universities to offer professional programs or internship opportunities that nurture aviation professionals. We also offer industry delegation tours of our Safety Gallery to ...

Giving Back to Local Communities

EVA Air surrounds its office buildings with lush greenery and engages in community activities to blend into the local community and reinforce neighborhood relations.

Arts and Culture Activities

As part of EVA Air’s ongoing arts and culture promotional program, we continually invite excellent foreign performance groups to Taiwan to stage performances, and also have world-renowned artworks brought in for exhibitions. In so doing, Taiwanese get the opportunity to enjoy ...

Athletic Sponsorships

To further contribute to Taiwan’s sports community and spark interest in sporting events nationwide.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments regarding our Intellectual Property Statement.