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Fund Movie Day for Northern Region Children’s Home

Children at the Northern Region Children’s Home were treated to a “Movie Day” jointly organized by EVA Air and the Luchu Precinct’s Friends of the Police Association. Volunteers and shuttle bus services were arranged to bring the children to TaiMall for the event.

Funding the Movie “Wansei Back Home

We sponsored the production crew of“Wansei Back Home” with free airline tickets and equipment transportation services to reduce its production cost and raise public awareness about the social predicaments faced by the Taiwan-born Japanese repatriated after World War II.

Fundraising for the Formosa Fun Coast Explosion

We staged the successful 2013 “I See You” advertising campaign in Chishang Township and have since been paying attention to its community and tourism developments. For example, we bought 100 cartons of Chishang Rice as part of a fundraising campaign launched by Chishang Farmers’ Association for the June 2015 Formosa Fun Coast explosion. Besides helping the explosion victims, the purchase also presented an opportunity for us to introduce our passengers worldwide to Taiwan CAS rice by featuring the rice on our in-flight menu.

Donating Equipment to the Taoyuan Fire Department

On January 20, 2015, a blaze at a bowling alley in Taoyuan City’s Xinwu District left 6 firefighters dead. EVA Air donated 5 thermal imaging cameras to Taoyuan Fire Department to enhance its frontline fire rescue equipment and reinforce its firefighting efficiency and safety.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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