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The Chang Yung-Fa Foundation

For more than three decades, the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation has been dedicated to charitable and educational initiatives. EVA Air upholds the spirit of giving back to society by making annual charitable donations to the Foundation according to the Company’s revenue.

Out of our NT$62.4 million philanthropic spending in 2015, NT$42.4 million went to the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation for educational and charitable projects: providing financially needy students with scholarships and books to assist them in their academic pursuits; managing a symphonic orchestra and developing all-round music talents, spreading Taiwan’s art and culture to every corner of the world with international performances; establishing the Evergreen Maritime Museum to promote naval educational programs, etc. The Foundation’s impressive range of social services was brought into full play to fulfill the vision of giving back to society.

The remaining NT$20 million was donated to the Foundation to identify people in need across Taiwan and provide them with timely assistance and care, with a focus on emergency aid, medical assistance, disaster relief and funeral/burial financial assistance. With the help of its professional charitable service, resource-strapped corners of the country can be reached with efficiency to help the underprivileged and create social happiness and security.

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