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Donation of Second-hand Item

EVA Air has always treasured what we have and practices gratitude. With the help of Chang Yung-Fa Foundation’s professional charity service, the Company has donated recyclable items ranging from inflight tableware to furniture to those in need. The act of kindness converts waste into useful resources, and more importantly, helps to improve the living and learning environment of needy organizations and families.

As part of our 2015 dormitory reconstruction project, and in the spirit of reuse and recycle, EVA Air donated furniture that is still in good condition to charitable organizations, rural schools and poor families through the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation. Donated items include TV stands, coffee tables, desks, closets, mattresses, storage units and kitchen range hoods.

In the pursuit of urban-rural educational equality, and to provide children with a happy learning environment, EVA Air donated flight crew members’ used iPads to rural schools and welfare and service centers for the disabled through the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, giving the physically challenged a taste of unfettered freedom as they embark on virtual tours around the world.

The smiles of grateful beneficiaries are the motivation behind our philanthropic efforts. We shall work with our philanthropic partners to plan more donation drives and inspire more donations of second-hand items. Let us all learn to count our blessings!

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