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Total Number of Employees

EVA Air divides employees into two main categories based on their professional skills: “Inflight Service” and “Ground Service”. Inflight service personnel include flight crew and cabin crew members, while ground service personnel comprise employees responsible for the airport operations, passenger and freight business/reservation/ticketing, aircraft maintenance, flight dispatch and other administrative duties.

In response to business growth and different market demands during the low and peak seasons, the Company made adjustments to the flight routes and fleet. Substantial increases in the allocation of manpower were also made pursuant to relevant safety regulations. In 2015, the number of employees hired by EVA Air increased by more than 5% as compared to the prior two years.

In 2015, EVA Air had a total of 8,936 employees around the world; 5,735 females (64.18%) and 3,201 males (35.82%). There were 8,589 regular employees and 347 contingent employees, among whom, 40 are apprentices and 307 are inflight trainees.

Recruitment and Turnover Management

To fill the inflight and ground service job vacancies for EVA Air’s operations, each department first assesses its manpower requirements based on its business volume before the Human Resources Division proceeds with recruitment through various public recruitment channels, such as posting recruitment notifications on the Company’s official website or Facebook account, advertising on job banks, actively participating in campus recruitment events, etc. Our recruitment procedure abides by the labor law and regulations of the recruitment location. EVA Air does not employ child labor, and the selection procedure is prudent and fair. In 2015, there were a total of 1,359 newly hired employees.

The Human Resources Division periodically carries out data analysis on the job type, regional category and senority of the employees who resigned, in order to obtain an overview of the employee turnover patterns. In 2015, 746 employees resigned, accounting for a resigned rate of 0.70%, which is lower than the past three years’ average of 0.72%. From 2013 to 2015, the overall average employee turnover rate was 1.10%; lower than the rate of 1.14% from 2012 to 2014. This appears that the employee turnover is getting increasingly stable.

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