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Employee Categories

EVA Air has operating locations all over the world, with a diversified employee composition. We are aware that the efforts and contributions of our employees in various countries are integral to business sustainability. Hence, EVA Air promises that there will be no difference in treatment or discrimination for reasons of gender, race, nationality, physical condition, religion, political affiliation or marital status. We shall continue to provide our employees in different countries with a friendly and fair working environment.

Providing Local Job Opportunities

Taiwan and America (incl. U.S. and Canada) are EVA Air’s “Major Operating Locations” with passenger and freight revenues exceeding 20% (inclusive) of the overall revenue. In 2015, EVA Air had a total of 7,180 employees in the Taiwan region, which accounted for 80.35% of our total work force, an increase as compared to 2014. The percentage of locals holding high-level management positions in Taiwan and America was 96.15%, fully demonstrating EVA Air’s continuous effort to provide the residents of major operating locations with plentiful job and career advancement opportunities.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments regarding our Intellectual Property Statement.