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Remuneration Standards

Generous Welfare System

EVA Air aims to be a happy enterprise. We provide employees with attractive remuneration, benefits and welfare, as well as family care. We also organize various group activities regularly to increase our employees’ sense of identity and encourage them to join sports clubs to achieve a work-life balance. In so doing, they can be more focused in their job and produce good work performance; thus more talents will be attracted to join the Company.

Remuneration Standards

Comprehensive Remuneration System

EVA Air abides by the local labor regulations of our various operating locations. We provide compensation and benefits that are better than the local standards, without gender differences. We also established a complete and transparent performance appraisal system and conduct performance appraisals every year according to job categories, with the appraisal results serving as the basis for rewards and promotion. The Human Resources Division also evaluates the overall remuneration policies regularly, and issues year-end bonuses every year based on the operational performance, the price level and employees’ contribution, so as to increase employees’ work motivation and reward high-performing talents.

Sufficient Workers’ Retirement Reserve Funds

In the Taiwan region, EVA Air’s Finance Division engages external accountants every year to calculate if there are sufficient workers’ retirement reserve funds as required by the law, and contributes to the regular employees’ retirement reserve funds per month (11.9% for the old system; 6.0% for the new system). The labor pension fund is managed by the Bureau of Labor Funds, Ministry of Labor. As at December 31, 2015, the balance of EVA Air’s Labor Retirement Reserve Fund account with the Bank of Taiwan was NTD 3,720,280,242, which is sufficient for the payment of the vested benefits of employees eligible for retirement in the following year.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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