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Interactions of Labor-Management Relations

Diverse and unimpeded labor-management communication channels facilitate the promotion of company policies and the protection of employee rights and interests. Although EVA Air does not have a trade union or special provisions for collective bargaining, important information in regard to the operations are conveyed to every employee within the statutory deadline through internal announcements or briefing sessions. The Company’s operational strategies, goal settings and important reform issues are conveyed through regularly held business meetings, departmental meetings and employee interviews, etc., to help employees understand the operational policies and procedures, and to give them the opportunity to express their views.

For the protection of employee rights and interests, employees must provide feedback on issues through the official complaint channel. From 2013 to 2015, a total of 23 labor practice issues were submitted through the official complaint mechanism. Among these, the majority of the new cases are related to training compensation amount and pension calculation disputes. In the future, EVA Air will strengthen the labor-management communication with regard to employment conditions to prevent related labor-management disputes from happening again. As for complaints that have already occurred, they shall be negotiated and resolved in a rational and peaceful manner.

There was one case of labor law violation in 2015. EVA Air was fined NTD 20,000 by the Department of Labor, Taoyuan, for extending cabin crew members’ working hours beyond the statutory hours during Typhoon Soudelor without seeking approval from the competent authority within the deadline in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.

EVA Air continuously controls and monitors our employees’ overtime situation. However, overtime is inevitable in the event of irregularities such as natural disasters. If employees are required to extend their working hours, EVA Air shall seek approval from the competent authority within 24 hours pursuant to Paragraph 3, Article 32 of the Labor Standards Act, and give the employees time off in lieu afterward.

Labor-Management Meeting

and convenes interim meetings when necessary. According to Regulations for Implementing Labor-Management Meeting, labor-management meeting representatives must adhere to the principle of good faith and participate in discussions on matters such as labor condition improvement, labor welfare, representative election, appointment and dismissal, etc.

The term of office of Labor-Management Meeting representatives is four years. Representatives may be re-elected to serve consecutive terms. Representatives who hold positions of (deputy) assistant managers and above will represent management. In 2015, the Labor-Management Meeting representatives were re-elected for the new term, comprising 5 management representatives and 5 labor representatives (2 males and 3 females).

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Gender Equality

To ensure gender equality in employment, eliminate sexual discrimination and prevent sexual harassment incidents, EVA Air published “Advocacy of Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace” on the Company’s internal website. In 2015, we added the course “Gender Diversity and Human Rights Education”, and hope to increase the number of course attendees in the future to raise the awareness of human rights issues such as gender equality, sexual harassment prevention, etc.

If employees encounter sexual discrimination or sexual harassment, they may file a complaint in accordance with the “Preventive Measures, Complaint Procedures and Disciplinary Actions for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” by informing the head of the Human Resources Division through the complaint hotline or email. EVA Air will reach a resolution within one month from the date the complaint was received. In 2015, no complaints in relation to human rights issues such as sexual harassment or sexual discrimination were filed through the formal complaint channel.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments regarding our Intellectual Property Statement.