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Cabin Crew Training

To implement the corporate culture of “Teamwork”, besides planning safety training courses in accordance with the law, service training courses were also added. Newly hired cabin crew trainees are to stay together during their training to increase their bonding time, build rapport and team spirit, and go through the comprehensive cabin crew training process, to provide excellent inflight service.

All service and safety training courses of EVA Air use simulation equipment and SOP to conduct simulation exercises. In 2015, due to a change in the main fleet’s aircraft model, the simulation exercise equipment was also changed accordingly so that trainees can practice operating in situations that conform to reality. Our training courses cover the operation of various emergency supplies and equipment on the aircraft, simulation exercise for emergency response and handling, and the learning of professional knowledge in various areas of service. Trainees can join the flight service only upon passing the evaluation. EVA Air ensures that our cabin crew members provide the best service for our customers and fulfill their every need and expectation.

In 2015, the Cabin Crew Standard Department drew up the “Cabin Operation Procedures Quick Reference Booklet” to give cabin crew easy access to flight safety information; operating procedures can be quickly looked up during their duties to provide passengers with the best quality service.

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