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Employee Welfare

With the spirit of serving customers, EVA Air provides employees with attentive care. Besides providing benefits such as annual leave, unpaid parental leave, retirement system, etc., as required by Taiwan’s law and regulations, our headquarters also features a staff canteen that serves healthful and delicious food, and offers recreational facilities such as swimming pool, gym, badminton court and library.

Employee Welfare Committee

The “Employee Welfare Committee” was set up by EVA Air to handle welfare matters for employees in the Taiwan region. 0.05% of the Company’s operating income and 0.5% of the Taiwan employees’ base pay are set aside and included in the following year’s budget during year-end meetings to provide employees with various subsidies, and to encourage them to learn languages and improve their language skills. Two departmental cultural and recreational activities are subsidized each year for employees to get together and promote bonding. Employees are also encouraged to set up, and participate in, sports and recreational clubs to keep healthy. To date, six clubs with their own distinctive features have been set up.

Every year, various optional courses are organized for the employees, including fitness classes like aerobics and yoga, cooking classes such as baking, Chinese dishes, etc., and music courses to learn instruments, like the ukulele. Employees are able to cultivate personal interests and release work stress during the courses, thereby boosting work efficiency and quality.

EVA Air also collaborates with quality merchants to continue to provide various privileges in terms of food, clothing, accommodation and travel, to satisfy our employees’ daily needs in every aspect.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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