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Performance Appraisal and Career Development

Development ˙ EVA Air carries out performance appraisal for the entire staff every year, with the employees divided into three main categories according to job functions: ground staff, flight crew and cabin crew. The appraisal is conducted by managers or supervisors, and the results will serve as the evaluation reference for promotion, bonus, salary adjustment, transfer and training. In 2015, the performance appraisal implementation rate was 100%. For those with poor appraisal results, various counseling and interview sessions, as well as examination are conducted to help them discover, and reflect on, their work-related problems. EVA Air plans and helps to come up with solutions to improve our employees’ professional skills and boost their work efficiency, so as to achieve the required performance standard.

˙ A sound promotion channel is the key to retaining talent. In order to place employees in the right position according to their competencies, EVA Air starts nurturing them when they are still new recruits. Considering various factors, such as performance appraisal results, employee career planning and organizational needs, the unit’s immediate manager conducts suitable job rotation for the employees to unleash their potential. Job promotion assessments are also carried out regularly to provide outstanding employees with promotion opportunities. By retaining top-performance talents, the objective of business sustainability can be achieved.

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