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Employee Structure

The aviation transportation is a labor-intensive, international and highly technological service industry. EVA Air recruits through public recruitment channels, where a fair selection process is conducted to acquire great talents.

Generous Welfare System

EVA Air aims to be a happy enterprise. We provide employees with attractive remuneration, benefits and welfare, as well as family care. We also organize various group activities regularly to increase our employees’ sense of identity and encourage them to join sports clubs to achieve ...

Sound Training

Talent is the foundation of business sustainability. EVA Air has been investing resources and actively implementing new training methods from the airline industry for years. Each year, dedicated personnel will plan the three main training systems: ground staff training, flight crew training ...

Good Working Conditions

EVA Air actively recruits talents from different domains, and values employees’ physical and mental development. It shapes a professional and responsible corpo - rate culture, realizing the business philosophy of “safe, punctual flights, friendly professional services and efficient ...

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments regarding our Intellectual Property Statement.