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Fuel Conservation Measures

The “Sustainable Environment Promotion Sub-Committee” organizes and implements EVA Air’s various aircraft fuel conservation measures, including the analysis of fuel efficiency for different aircraft models, and the optimal aircraft selection based on the flight length (short, medium and long-haul) and the number of passengers. In addition, various fuel conservation projects in terms of fleet modernization, aircraft weight reduction, flight operation, aircraft maintenance, etc., are continuously implemented to execute IATA’s carbon reduction strategy and respond to the government’s call to save energy and reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. The relevant details and the fuel conservation results for various projects over the years are summarized below:

Results of major fuel conservation measures for the past three years

Note 1: According to domestic research, depending on the type of tree, one 20-year-old forest tree can absorb about 11 to 18 kg of carbon dioxide per year. This table was calculated based on a 12 kg absorption capacity. (Source: EPA Low Carbon Living Website
Note 2: Basis of calculation for CO2 emission reduction, 1 ton of aviation fuel = 3.15 Tonne CO2e. (Source of emission factor: IPCC Find EF Website
Note 3: Projects with fuel conservation results related to aircraft weight reduction utilized actual fuel consumption/takeoff weight to calculate the fuel efficiency per unit weight.

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