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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Since 2011, EVA Air has voluntarily conducted greenhouse gas inventories and has offered emission information in accordance with relevant government projects to monitor greenhouse gas emission. Even though EVA Air is not currently on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) published list of emission sources required to submit their greenhouse gas inventory; the quantified data mainly include aviation fuel, automobile gasoline and diesel fuels, and each office location’s total power consumption:The aim is to understand and respond early to the greenhouse gas emission status and trend. Future greenhouse gas emission data are planned to be submitted to external verifying institutions to increase the accuracy and reliability of the data as a basis for subsequent improvement. This year, EVA Air’s greenhouse gas emission is calculated under the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories. The heating value references the 2015 Energy Product Unit Heating Value Table published by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, while the global warming potential (GWP) references IPCC First Assessment Report (FAR) version 4. The consolidation of greenhouse gas emission utilizes an operation control method, and the base year will be selected after ISO 14064-1 external verifications. According to the emission ratio over the years for Scope One and Scope Two, due to the nature of the air transport industry, Scope One exceeded 99%; even though Scope Two accounted for only around 1%. EVA continues to reduce power consumption through several corrective measures.

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