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Environmental and Energy Policy

Environmental and Energy Policy

Since EVA Air's founding, we have been committed to the Evergreen Group's spirit: "Caring for Taiwan and Contributing to Society". Faced with the increasingly severe climate change and global warming, the Company, as a member of the global village, is deeply aware that the Earth's precious resources are non-renewable. This is why in 2015, through the establishment of various management systems, EVA Air implemented in every aspect of our operations, our vision for the environment and energy: "EVA reaches for the sky with energy-saving: a pursuer of efficiency and a leader of environmental protection".

EVA Air is committed to:
Observing the environmental and energy laws and regulations, and promoting eco-friendly and energy-saving concepts
Responding to the green procurement movement, and establishing a low carbon green environment
Increasing the efficiency of energy, and reducing the impacts on the environment and resources
Continuously improving our environmental and energy performance, and reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint for the good of the environment.

In 2015, EVA Air formed the "Sustainable Environment Promotion Sub-Committee" and obtained certification to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System, to implement the aforementioned environmental and energy policies. These actions enable our employees and supply chain to carry out various "Green Earth" and energy management practices accordingly and fulfill our obligations as "citizens of the global village". We continuously improve our environmental and energy management performance, and based on the premise of "environmental harmony", we work in solidarity towards achieving environmental and corporate sustainability. EVA Air protects Mother Earth alongside our customers, and laid the foundation for business sustainability; we have since become an exemplary model of green enterprises.

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