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Greenhouse Gas Management

EVA Air is actively engaged in various greenhouse gas emission reduction projects and fully supports the airline industry’s common goal of carbon reduction.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Since 2011, EVA Air has voluntarily conducted greenhouse gas inventories and has offered emission information in accordance with relevant government projects to monitor greenhouse gas emission. Even though EVA Air is not currently on the Environmental Protection ...

Carbon Footprint Declaration

To fulfill our duties as a citizen of the earth, EVA Air utilizes flight data from long-term monitoring and adopts the carbon emission calculation methods proposed by ICAO and IATA, to complete a voluntary carbon footprint declaration for all major international flight routes ...

Green Power Procurement

EVA Air announced during the ISO 14001/ISO 50001/TOSHMS certification award ceremony that the Company will purchase 2.5 million kWh of green power and has completed the procurement process for 2016 with Taiwan Power Company in January 2016.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments regarding our Intellectual Property Statement.