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Customers’ Service Satisfaction and Safeguard of Customers’ Interest

To gain deeper insight into customer satisfaction, we inspect the questionnaire every year to meet actual requirements. We actively send the “EVA Air Online Customer Satisfaction Survey ” to members after travelling and invite them to evaluate their flight experience (5-point Likert Scale). The scope of the survey includes the ground and in-flight service items. By tracing the fulfillment status of customer satisfaction, EVA Air continues to improve and be innovative, offering services that fulfill customers’ needs.

Customer Feedback Handling

EVA Air values our customers’ perception. We listen closely to their needs and respond with a genuine heart. We deal with customers’ feedback with a careful and devoted attitude, and provide them with services that meet their needs. When irregularities occur in our service, we fill in the service gap quickly, grasping the “service turning point ” at the crucial moment in accordance with the scope of authorization, to earn the trust and support of our customers.

The overall passenger satisfaction level for 2015 was 4.32, which exceeded the target value of 4.28. The diagrams show the overall passenger satisfaction level and the results for various major services in 2015.

Cargo Customer Satisfaction Survey

EVA Air constantly tracks the customer satisfaction level, service requirements and suggestions for improvement for the cargo service it provides. Every year, EVA Air conducts cargo customer satisfaction survey on its major airfreight customers cargo . In 2015, the overall cargo customer satisfaction level reached 4.4, which exceeded the target score of 4.3, showing an upward trend.

Cargo customer satisfaction survey comprises 6 major assessment categories: “Performance of Sales Representatives”, “Booking service”, “e-Commerce service”, “After-care Service”, “Cargo Operation” and “Warehousing service”. Although the satisfaction score for warehousing service was relatively lower than that for the other services, it showed year-on-year improvement.

In 2015, the main factors that influenced the warehousing service satisfaction included: efficiency of inbound cargo break-down , accuracy of inbound cargo piece tallying and quality of outbound cargo build-up, Improvements have been made in regard to the relevant issues, with details shown in the table as follows.

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