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Safety Policy and Objective

EVA Air has set up the Safety Promotion Committee, which is subordinate to the Board of Directors, to serve as the decision-making and supervision unit of the highest authority for flight safety. By establishing a comprehensive safety framework, the Committee brings into full play its organizational function and applies the declarations made by the top management on the flight safety policy as the highest guiding principles, to continuously strive for the goal of “zero accident”.

The “SMS Teams” of the Committee are composed of the management from operation related divisions. In 2005, “Operational Control and Flight Dispatch” and “Cargo Operations” were added to form a total of eight SMS Teams. These teams are mainly responsible for the collection of safety information, the management of operational risks, the development and implementation of corrective and preventive actions, and the implementation of improvement execution schemes. Relevant improvement action schemes and goals were provided for the issues exclusively monitored by the various teams, and the results were submitted periodically to the Safety Promotion Committee for approval. It is hoped that through the operation of such mechanism to minimize the human and organization errors., A total of 16 meetings were held in 2015 through the Safety Promotion Committee (SPC), Safety Coordination Meeting (SCM) and SMS Meeting; the approved improvement schemes include 17 SPC cases, 25 SCM cases and 19 SMS cases. These meetings mainly comprised discussions and suggestions for improvement in the three major areas of flight operation, cabins and maintenance.

The convener of each SMS Team is responsible for authorized safety-related tasks, establishing a variety of risk management/control measures and setting up their annual Safety Performance Indicator (SPI) and Safety Performance Target (SPT), so that the safety target value can be digitalized and incorporated into the team’s performance management system through the target quantitative management indicator. The SPI has fulfilled the “State Safety Program”.

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