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Safety Quality Maintenance

Since 2006, EVA Air has been establishing and promoting the SMS, and actively integrating the safety concept into the Company’s management system to make safety an integral part of our corporate culture. In actual practice, our vision for safety: “We aim to assure your safety whenever you are airborne. We never compromise safety in the air or on the ground.” and our safety goal of “Zero Accidents” are incorporated into every employee’s thinking logic and basis for action. From policy-making and procedure institution, to operational execution, “hazard identifi cation” and “risk management” are fully utilized to handle all possible threats. Appropriate preventive measures are also put in place to eliminate all risk factors, prevent the occurrence of accidents, and thereby ensure the safety of our passengers.

For the implementation of the SMS, EVA Air has established a comprehensive internal audit system to conduct regular safety audits. At the same time, we have also taken the initiative to promote a voluntary and non-jeopardy safety reporting system to facilitate the identifi cation of potential or existing hazards. This system encourages personnel to voluntarily report any hazard out of moral obligation and conscience, as well as a willingness to share, so that the Company can make improvements and cultivate a safe operating environment.

In the days to come, EVA Air will continue to ensure the effectiveness of the respective risk management measures and their compliance with the Company’s safety policy and goals through internal safety performance monitoring mechanisms, to enhance the overall operational safety.

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