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Safety Management System(SMS)

For the purpose of integrating various data sources, facilitating event analysis, tracking the event-handling process and supervising current operating status, thereby reducing risk factors to achieve sound risk management, EVA Air established and launched the Safety Management Information System (SMIS) in 2010. The SMIS comprises five categories of major fl ight safety events: flight safety, ground safety, cabin safety, aviation security and dangerous goods events. The system integrates the five major categories of safety events into a single platform, through which the contributing factors, trackings and operating improvements for the events can be concluded and the necessary risk mitigation measures can be promulgated.

In response to the requirements of the ICAO 9859 Safety Management Manual, the Company plans to expand its SMIS to integrate the relevant safety information platforms and reinforce functions such as risk analysis and safety performance statistics, to provide a more comprehensive safety risk control platform. The following three major functions will be added:

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