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Continuous Operation Management

According to the requirements of the ISO9001 Quality Management System, EVA Air compiles the achievement status of the previous year’s safety quality objectives at the end of January every year, formulates the current year’s safety quality target value and has it reviewed every quarter

Safety Risk Management

EVA Air incorporates SMS’s core element of “hazard identification and risk management” into its employees’ thinking logic and puts it into play during strategic planning, procedure institution and operation execution. Each of the Company’s departments can use it to identify ...

Safety Policy and Objective

EVA Air has set up the Safety Promotion Committee, which is subordinate to the Board of Directors, to serve as the decision-making and supervision unit of the highest authority for flight safety. By establishing a comprehensive safety framework, the Committee brings into full ...

Safety Quality Maintenance

Since 2006, EVA Air has been establishing and promoting the SMS, and actively integrating the safety concept into the Company’s management system to make safety an integral part of our corporate culture.

Safety Management System(SMS)

For the purpose of integrating various data sources, facilitating event analysis, tracking the event-handling process and supervising current operating status, thereby reducing risk factors to achieve sound risk management, EVA Air established and launched ...

Compliance with Safety Regulations

To provide passengers with safer flights, EVA Air has voluntarily proposed effective improvement measures targeting events that violate fl ight safety and aviation security regulations, to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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