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Continuous Operation Management

According to the requirements of the ISO9001 Quality Management System, EVA Air compiles the achievement status of the previous year’s safety quality objectives at the end of January every year, formulates the current year’s safety quality target value and has it reviewed every quarter, so as to fulfill and reinforce the Company’s safety management system and further enhance its safety quality, thereby providing customers with services that they can count on.

The safety quality objective includes two indicators: “flight safety” and “ground safety”. The target is decided by referring to actual values occurring over the years and other objective reference data, such as the requirements from competent authorities and the relevant data from aviation industries or organizations. All of the data are used to formulate the current year’s safety quality target, in order to strengthen the rationality of the value.

Although the safety quality objective for 2015 was beset with greater challenges as compared to the previous year, due to the relentless efforts by EVA Air employees, the two sets of actual value achieved in 2015 were better than the annual target. The trend from 2013 to 2015 shows a decline, in which the ground safety indicator in 2015, in particular, dropped to 0. It illustrates a signifi cant result achieved from the Company’s continuous promotion of the Safety Management System (SMS).

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