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Maintenance Quality

EVA Air’s subsidiary, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. , owns the largest modern aircraft maintenance center in Taiwan; it boasts three hangars which can house seven jumbo wide-body aircrafts, and a thrust testing capacity of up to 120,000 pounds. The thrust of the engine Test Cell can be elevated to a maximum of 150,000 pounds as required, thereby satisfying the requirements for repair and maintenance of high-end fuselages of a variety of aircraft models. It has passed the certifi cations of civil aviation authorities from more than 10 countries, including Taiwan, the U.S., Japan and China, as well as the EU, and provides more than 30 airline companies worldwide with trustworthy maintenance services. It has also been rated as Asia’s best MRO by U.S.-based Aviation Week and U.K.-based UBM Aviation, signifying international recognition of its maintenance ability and quality.

The maintenance spirit of “strict discipline and zero negligence” is the rule of thumb for maintenance personnel. It is also the first and foremost factor that ensures an aircraft’s safe arrival at its destination. Aircraft maintenance requires compliance with the original manufacturer’s technical specifications, as well as laws and regulations; maintenance must executed step by step by the personnel to precisely complete every detail, before passing through the second and third defense lines of quality control inspection for maintenance quality assurance. At the same time, the Precision Measuring Equipment used for aircraft maintenance are periodically calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifi cations, to meet the requirements of work procedures. And the calibration result and record shall be traced to the NIST national calibration standards to fl ight safety into practice.

In terms of maintenance, EVA Air advocates preventive maintenance over follow-up correction to nip fl ight safety risk factors in the bud. We insist on knowing the service life of all components, and replace important components with new ones before the end of their service life, as a preventive measure.

Maintenance Hangar

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