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Fleet Management

EVA Air added a total of 12 new aircraft in 2015 . To prepare for the opening of new destinations in the coming future, another 26 aircraft of existing models, such as 777-300ER, A330-300, A321-200 and ATR72-600, will be added by 2017. Moreover, in coordination with EVA’s fleet...

Risk Management and Preventive Mechanism

The head of each respective department of EVA Air is responsible for supervising and controlling various risks, and must have absolute control over all risk factors at all times.

Flight Line Management and Maintenance Quality

EVA Air’s Flight Control Department works around the clock for flight dispatch and watch. The Company’s Flight Information System (FIS) provides access to the flight-related status, and tracks changes in the external environment (e.g. airport and weather) 24-7.

Pilot’s Safety Control

Upholding the conviction that “Aviation is a conscientious business”, every new pilot member has to embrace the Evergreen spirit and receive safety training courses to learn about the responsibilities that each of them has to assume. Each flight crew member must clearly understand the great ...

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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