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Achievements through corporate governance

Maintaining corporate governance

  • Took the initiative to disclose important resolutions of the Board of Directors and complete quarterly financial reports in both Chinese and English on the EVA Air official website. Web pages dedicated to “Corporate Governance”, “Corporate Social Responsibility”, “Stakeholders” and “Investor Relations” were set up to improve information transparency.
  • Formulated relevant corporate governance policies successively, such as “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles”, “Categorical Rules of Responsibilities of Independent Directors”, “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles”, “Codes of Ethical Conduct” and “Ethical Corporate Management Principles”, and reported their implementation status to the Board of Directors at regular intervals to actively raise the standards of corporate governance.
  • Took out liability insurance for directors, supervisors and key staff members to establish a sound corporate governance mechanism.

Protecting investor rights and interests

The electronic voting system was implemented in the shareholders’ meeting, the candidate nomination system was adopted for the election of directors and supervisors, and proposals were voted case by case in the shareholders’ meeting; multiple channels for voting on resolutions were provided for shareholders, so that they can fully exercise their rights and participate in corporate governance.

Improving the function of the Board of Directors

  • EVA Air directors and supervisors took courses in corporate governance to improve their professional knowledge and skills.
  • In accordance with the Rules Governing... the Scope of Powers of Independent Directors” formulated by the Board of Directors, independent directors were allowed to make independent judgments on, and provide objective opinions about, corporate governance matters.

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