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Supplier Categories

More than 1000 important suppliers maintained good communication and stable cooperation with EVA Air in 2015, reflecting no significant changes as compared to 2014. The main suppliers included manufacturers, distributors, contractors and licensed agencies located all over the world ...

Procurement Practices and Audit Management

With regard to procurement practices, each business department plans its procurement items in accordance with the operational needs of EVA Air each year. After strict examination by the authorized departments listed in the “EVA Air Roles and Responsibilities Table” ...

Supply Chain Partnership with Social Responsibility

As an integral part of the global value chain, and in view of the fact that corporate sustainable development issues are on the rise, EVA Air has also realized that environmental protection and social impact issues are not only to be emphasized within our own operations.

Supplier Selection Flowchart

EVA Air has also revised our internal procurement operating procedures, in 2015. The selection criteria of environment, human rights, labor practices and social impact are incorporated as the main items of consideration for the selection of new supplier partners.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments regarding our Intellectual Property Statement.