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Supply Chain Partnership with Social Responsibility

As an integral part of the global value chain, and in view of the fact that corporate sustainable development issues are on the rise, EVA Air has also realized that environmental protection and social impact issues are not only to be emphasized within our own operations. In terms of supply chain management, besides the maintenance of service quality, there is a need for more factors that integrate the concept of sustainability, in order to propel the whole supply chain toward positive development.
Besides devoting efforts to fulfill our own corporate social responsibility, EVA Air has also revised our internal procurement operating procedures, with the enactment of “EVA Air: Supplier Partnership Social Responsibility Policy for Sustainable Development” by our President in 2015. The selection criteria of environment, human rights, labor practices and social impact are incorporated as the main items of consideration for the selection of new supplier partners. It is hoped that with the help of the Company’s procurement policies and practices, suppliers can be actively encouraged to pass verifications in the aforementioned four categories. For existing supplier partners, it is hoped that besides signing agreements to jointly create economic growth, a social responsibility management system of social human rights, environmental protection and sustainable development can also be taken into account to jointly create a green supply chain, to urge the entire industry to face up to, and assume, social responsibility and march towards sustainable development.

All supply chain partners are hoped to:

  • Actively participate in EVA Air’s service innovation-related action plans to jointly create social and economic growth.
  • Join Eva Air in our efforts to improve flight service safety standards, and take actions to reduce flight safety risks.
  • Adhere to honest and ethical management; never offer EVA Air employees and their relatives any rebates, bribes or other improper benefits.
  • Strictly abide by laws and regulations; never offer products or services that do not comply with laws, regulations and safety requirements.
  • Value staff development and occupational safety; never hire child laborers; provide minor employees (including work-study students, interns) with working conditions and environment that comply with the law.
  • Pay attention to environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction; give priority to local procurement, reduce energy resource wastes, recycle and reuse, reduce the amount of wastes generated, comply with environmental laws, and create environmentally sustainable businesses.
  • Fulfill the obligation of secrecy for all EVA Air’s trade secrets learned during the cooperation period, and jointly maintain the good reputation of both EVA Air and our supplier partners.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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