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Remuneration Committee

To achieve our goals of maintaining corporate governance, protecting investor rights and interests, and improving the function of the Board of Directors, EVA Air has formulated the “Organizational Regulations of the Remuneration Committee” in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, and set up an independent “Remuneration Committee” under the Board of Directors. The terms of office of the Committee members, who are appointed by the resolution of the Board of Directors, are the same as those of the directors. The three members of the current Committee are all independent directors.

Through this committee that exercises autonomous authority, EVA Air formulates and periodically reviews the performance evaluation and remuneration policies, systems, standards and structures for directors, supervisors and managers (hereinafter referred to as “senior management”), and also periodically evaluates and stipulates the remuneration of senior management. The remuneration of senior management will thus be reasonably supervised to prevent any pursuit of short-term gains that will eventually lead to financial risks to be borne by EVA Air. EVA Air’s philosophy of business sustainability can thereby be implemented, which is conducive to the protection of investor rights and interests. Currently, EVA Air prescribes the reasonable remuneration of the senior management according to their degree of contribution to the Company’s operations. In 2015, the Remuneration Committee held a total of 2 meetings, and the attendance rate of the committee members was 100% for both.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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