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Fulfillment of CSR

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and implement the concept of sustainable business development, the Board of Directors of EVA Air passed the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles” and the “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy” to declare to the public the board members’ expectations and commitment towards economic, environmental and social issues. EVA Air also established the “Corporate Social Responsibility Committee” (CSR Committee), with our President serving as the chairman to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and formulate concrete plans for sustainable business development. As the chairman of the CSR Committee, our President coordinates and manages issues related to the economic, environmental and social aspects. The sub-committees engage with stakeholders via various communication channels, and set annual goals. After the relevant plans are rolled out, the CSR Committee tracks their effectiveness. The CSR Committee holds a meeting once every six months to discuss economic, environmental and social issues, review the effectiveness of implemented plans and report on the plans and implementation results of the year to the Board of Directors. To optimize the CSR Committee’s operational efficiency, adjustments made to the sub-committees as of January 2016 are as follows:

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