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Board of Directors

In accordance with the law of the Republic of China and the Articles of Incorporation for EVA Air, directors and supervisors will be elected through the candidate nomination system; each will serve for a three-year term. Shareholders will elect the directors and supervisors from the list of candidates announced. The current Board of Directors comprises 9 directors, 3 of whom are independent directors. There are also 3 supervisors.

The Chairman of EVA Air does not hold the concurrent post of President. Members of the Board fulfill the obligations of prudent administration; through multiple regular and ad hoc meetings held throughout the year, main business at the operating management level is effectively supervised to ensure that the business implementation conforms to the business philosophy of EVA Air. Independent directors are also appointed to the Board of Directors. Their independent identities and professional practical experience enable them to give professional and objective advice to help the Board make the best decisions for the Company’s operations. This is ultimately beneficial to the practice of corporate governance and the protection of investor rights and interests. EVA Air further plans to establish an Audit Committee in 2017 to fully implement the corporate governance system in compliance with the concept of business sustainability.

Note: As at April 30, 2016, all members of the Board of Directors are Taiwanese above 50 years of age, who do not belong to any minority or disadvantaged groups. The percentage of female directors is 11%.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

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