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Message from the Management

Flight safety and quality service have always been at the core of EVA Air’s sustainable development. They are our commitment to our customers and the goal towards which all our employees strive. In 2015, we continued to maintain a good safety record. Besides being selected as one of the World’s Top Ten Airlines by the world-renowned website,, the Company was also ranked in third place among the World’s Safest Airlines by the Germany-based Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC). Flight safety has been internalized in EVA Air’s culture of excellence. In terms of services, the Company has embarked on a fleet renewal program. Starting 2018, 24 new-generation Boeing 787 Dreamliners will be introduced progressively to our current fleet of Boeing 777-300ER. The newest Boeing 777 Freighters will be introducing into service in 2017. In addition, EVA Air was ranked in ninth place for “World’s Best Airlines” and in first place for “Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness” by SKYTRAX, the world’s leading organization for aviation service surveys. Voted as “Best Airline in Asia” for the second consecutive year by readers of Premier Traveler, a US-based professional travel magazine and the Company was also honored with the “Technological Innovation for Brands and Service Industry” award in the Top 15 Brands Awards by the Institute for Information Industry. In addition, the top prize under the airline category in the “2015 Super Power Brand Award” was awarded by Manager Today. EVA Air would like to share our achievements with all our stakeholders.

Despite international and domestic miscellaneous events that greatly impacted the airline industry in 2015, EVA Air continues to be active in promoting CSR activities, including the economic, environmental and social aspects with tangible achievements as follows:

In the economic aspect, EVA Air adheres to the principle of managing with integrity, and formulated the “Code of Practice for Corporate Social Responsibility” to serve as the guidelines for conducting CSR activities. In the “12th Information Disclosure Evaluation for Listed Companies” and “2nd Corporate Governance Evaluation” held by Taiwan Stock Exchange, the Company received the highest ranking level of A++ and was placed in the top 5 percent of the best listed companies.

With regard to the environmental aspect, EVA Air received dual certifications in 2015: ISO14001 for the environmental management system and ISO50001 for the energy management system. Moreover, in response to the new agreement on global greenhouse gas reduction announced at the 2015 COP 21 in Paris, we participated in the “Voluntary Green Power Pilot Project” implemented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2016, adopting 2.5 million kWh of green power. We have also planned to introduce the ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory system. In addition, the Company formulated and supervised the implementation of policies in the four major aspects which include fuel conservation, environmental management, energy management and carbon rights management via newly established “Sustainable Environment Promotion Sub-Committee”. Tangible achievements for 2015 include the saving of 15,927 tons in fuel, the setup of rainwater and air conditioning condensate collection systems, the installation of high-performance, energy-saving LED illumination equipment, etc. EVA Air will continue to take every endeavors on energy conservation and carbon emission reduction measures.

In the social aspect, EVA Air is committed to providing an excellent and safe working environment for the welfare of our employees. In 2015, the Company introduced the TOSHMS (Taiwan Occupational Safety & Health Management System) and acquired certification to offer more comprehensive assurance of occupational safety and health for our employees. In terms of supplier management, we also completed the formulation of the “Supplier Partnership Social Responsibility Policy for Sustainable Development” in 2015, raising the environmental and social awareness of our suppliers while emphasizing the importance of observing the law. With regard to social caring, following the previous Tea Service Tree tourism promotional event, EVA Air once again collaborated with Chishang Township of Taitung County to jointly propel Chishang Rice on our international flights.

Looking ahead to 2016, EVA Air shall continue to stand by its core values of flight safety and quality service. In the face of challenges posed by the external environment, we will uphold our enterprise spirit of excellence and realize our corporate social responsibility for sustainable aviation with a professional and proactive attitude.

Chen Hsien-Hung
President, EVA Air

Lin Bou-Shiu
Chairman, EVA Air

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