Responses to Major Events

  • The labor-management negotiation with the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union is described as follows:

    Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union EVA Air Branch (hereinafter referred to as the “TFAU”), in the 20th collective bargaining meeting with EVA Air on November 29th, 2018, claimed that prohibiting freeloaders was the key for the Union to exercise the right to organize and that it’s not necessary to continue the negotiation, thus ending the collective bargaining meeting.

    EVA Air stated that improving the labor conditions of its cabin crew is a goal shared by the Union and the Company, and the Company has proposed solutions in every bargaining meeting and reached certain consensus with the Union on issues such as 60 hours of guaranteed flight pay and optimizing flight schedules, but the fact that the TFAU unilaterally ended the bargaining meeting on the ground of prohibition of freeloaders had prevented the content under the negotiation from becoming actual terms and conditions. EVA Air found their actions unacceptable and regrettable and will continue to negotiate in accordance with the law. EVA Air will uphold its belief in improving labor conditions and benefits for employees, treat all employees fairly and equally, and successively implement the terms and conditions agreed upon by the TFAU and EVA Air. As for the conditions that lack consensus between both parties, EVA Air will continue to discuss and study them, despite the fact that the TFAU unilaterally ended the collective bargaining meeting.

    TFAU immediately turned to mediation on December 27th immediately after ending the collective bargaining meeting. It is hoped that the Union can express its requests rationally by all means possible. The Company will respect the requests of the Union and continue negotiations as long as the Company can run normally and meet the expectations of the consumers and the investors to create a win-win situation together.

  • The labor-management negotiation with the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union is described as follows:

    On July 16th, 2018, the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union EVA Air Branch (hereinafter referred to as the “TFAU”) made requests on 16 issues, based on the claim of flight safety, including salaries, decrease in the minimum service years, flight crew scheduling and vacations, etc., and voted on whether to hold a strike because of many issues that cannot be resolved in a short period of time by the on-going labor-management negotiations, and dispute mediation between the TFAU and EVA Air. On August 7th, 2018, after announcing that it had obtained the right to strike, the TFAU agreed to hold off the exercise of the disputed act during the negotiation after 4 back-to-back negotiations involving the Ministry of Labor, Civil Aeronautics Administration and Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Labor, and prioritize the achievement of consensus on core requests on August 30th, 2018, while giving other issues a year to be resolved by negotiations. The Company agreed to gradually decrease the minimum service years; in addition, regarding flight safety and tiring flights, the Company agreed to allow pilots flying certain routes to rest overnight after reaching their destinations and fly back the next day, increase the number of pilots for flights from Los Angeles to Taipei from December 1st, and grant the captains the authority to call off or delay a flight in the event of bad weather.

    Flight safety has always been the core value of EVA Air since its establishment. The Company views its employees as the most important assets, remains in absolute compliance with all the relevant regulations of this country, fully realizes the labor rights of its pilots, and actively reviews and improves the labor conditions and benefits of its employees based on the principle of taking care of its employees. The Company respects all the suggestions and requests brought up by its pilots and the TFAU. From September of 2018, the Company has been engaged in monthly negotiations with the TFAU hosted by the Department of Labor, Taoyuan City Government, and made significant progress at the end of 2018. The Company made reasonable responses to some requests made by the TFAU and both parties agreed to avoid labor disputes for the next few years that may impact society and the air travel of the public.